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    3P-Store is a professional Airsoft brand product display platform, he is by 3P Trade Co., Ltd's marketing team with IDEA studio jointly planning to build another new favorite, its business philosophy is to help others, God helps also. By optimizing the structure of the industry chain, reduced circulation, the fastest, most effective means of propaganda, the professional brand products face the customer, so as to achieve the most effective promotion. At the same time, he can help manufacturers understand the market demand and customer feedback information at the fastest speed. He continue to assist brand products to improve and upgrade, in order to achieve a win-win situation of three (brand manufacturers, terminal sales outlets, customers).

    The 3P-Store looking forward to cooperate with the professional brand and terminal retail outlets, and mutual encouragement together to develop a broader Airsoft market.

    At present, Join the brand as follows: ELEMENT, Z-TAC, Night-Evolution, IDEAL, MP, POINT etc.

    3P Trade Co., Ltd is the only official sales agents ELEMENT's products, the IDEA studio is also its strategic partners.